`~What’s coming up?

I will be performing at the AHA Festival of Progressive Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico this September! Also, teaching this very special workshop at Spiderflower Activist Collective and doing an artist talk at Comrade TrueBridge. For more info, email me at the address at the bottom of this page!

Undoing: A workshop. What needs to be undone in order to do?

We must be insistently aware of how space can be made to hide consequences from us, how relations of power and discipline are inscribed into the apparently innocent spatiality of social life, how human geographies become filled with politics and ideology.”
— Edward Soja


You teach a workshop on the same day as a protest, on the same day as a black boy rots in jail and a native one is denied entry to a state school, on the same day as another trans woc murder, on the same day your grandfather escaped a genocide almost 100 years ago. That same day.

The words liberation and resistance mean something. Ethics are not hanging around but must be embodied. Can a self-selected group of people work to find them in/as their bodies/a body? (I have no illusions about a collective, but instead: people in the same room.)

If this workshop is open, the acts surrounding “liberation” and “resistance” will apply in radically different ways to different people. Some people need to become, some people need to displace the act of becoming. Ideas like selfhood, coherence, recognition apply more to some, whereas things like aporia, displacement, listening apply more to others. By “apply” I mean to apply specific acts to the body, in an effort to blend post-dance centered somatic shmodalities to what liberation and resistance could actually mean; in other words, to try to locate a praxis, with bodies and the chosen space as a frame, for both.


I am in process with Yvonne Meier on a new work to be presented at Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, November 9-11.

~`What happened?

I toured around as missdick vibrocis, a noise/punk duo with Forced Into Femininity.

I recently presented extent of explosive lament several times through the Exponential Festival and Center For Performance (culmination of the Chez Bushwick residency).

——->Some thoughtful documentation: herehere, and here

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I taught THIS WORKSHOP at the Glove, which I toured to Portland, Seattle, Boulder, and Chicago last summer, then to University of Kentucky Lexington where I was a guest artist in the fall. Invite me somewhere to teach it again!

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