`~What’s coming up?

I will be a part of the Inverse Performance Art Festival with Kaia Gilje and our collaborative work, Know What Smokes, this April. The work attempts to activate sensation through touch that ranges from tender, to sensual, surprising, painful, mundane, and absurd. Using a system of physical communication and exploration in which sight is removed, they engage with each other through submission, cooperation, and confrontation.


~`What happened?

I recently toured to Whitman College with Yvonne Meier. We are in process (with me as a production and performer person) for a new work to be presented at Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, November 9-11.

I also recently presented extent of explosive lament several times through the Exponential Festival and Center For Performance (culmination of the Chez Bushwick residency).

——->Some thoughtful documentation: herehere, and here

——->Some thoughtful writing on the work here and here.

I taught THIS WORKSHOP at the Glove, which I toured to Portland, Seattle, Boulder, and Chicago last summer, then to University of Kentucky Lexington where I was a guest artist in the fall. Invite me somewhere to teach it again!

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