Horrifying fitzgeralding web of constant bleached connection through human beings out to their cores their cores exist outside their bodies now their cores are empty

horrifying protection that only exists to make others vomit themselves up everyday

that is what it’s like in a colony society, with one heart sutured suture it every time it’s touched

the body, wood we carve the body we carve the body so that the blood stains it We are Dyed in the Color of our Own Blood.

We take steps. Can we become the myths of our own making? Do we actually desire to? We needn’t wonder

as tradition passed down, a sickly, hellfired, and neon hellfired, sickly, and neon sticking intimately to the linings

dripping down the inner walls of Dyed, Stained Bodies

organs tied on with a velcro so loose, they almost immediately fall off replaced with the materials one makes a telephone out of so that we can be free


the mother coyote now picks up her cub, by the leg the cub hits its head and dies

the child with a slingshot, is not alone alone would be good she is smothered so that no one can see her

real neon is now a tube full of lights bloodied, smeared

streetlight lights a tree do you like to look at that treeQUIET what do you want to hear while you look at that tree “I’d do anything, for youuuu, in the dark” “I”d do anything for you, in the dark”

halfway between here and there is just the ocean

when they put that whale in a cage, she knocked her head against her glass cage, until she died…. they bury their dead

The cat underneath the Prozac sign IS NOT MODERATE. It can’t be in order to survive. This is what it feels like to survive with five hearts: spread out, untamed. One of them is John Cusack, One of them is Richard Wright, One of them is Marsha P. Johnson. One of them is JoJo, the 26 year old pop star from somewhere like Springfield, Masschusetts. In her stepdad’s house, everything was taupe, probably. That’s my guess. My guess is that Jojo grew up with taupe, and a stepfather, and some video games and maybe some DiGiorno Pizza. And those are basically the staples of the household. So, if you spoke a word about anything else, it was basically like another languge.

And, every yard, ends, in a moat filled with blood, where I’m from.

Now, if you decide to step into that moat, nothing happens to them. It happens to you. YOU get covered in blood.

Listen, no one has any public interest in this. Listen, he will not see his family again. He’s exiled forever. So what he does is learn to dance tango. Now, he actually loves tango. This is all he has. He was once a writer, and a great intellectual, but no one speaks Farsi here. Yes, they do. There are tons of them who speak Farsi here. They might speak an Afghani Farsi. They might speak an Iranian Farsi, or a Persian pre-Iranian Farsi. It’s just that none of them write or have any claims to public interest. Too much velcro, too many organs. If you look at him, he’s yellowed, his edges are frayed, and you find this charming at the time. And now that you’re back home by your “neon” towel, you know that you made a farce of him. But the important thing is that he didn’t make a farce of you. And somehow, that’s the most difficult thing isn’t it? So he sits inside a box. The eggs and the sausage are wrapped up, styrofoam on the bottom. Not pink or green, that’d be strange. White, styrofoam, and a plastic coating over the top. And on top of that, you could put your hand, and it would make those little foggy frames that happen when you touch plastic on top of something hot. You, back at home, you would never eat something like this. You would touch it, and know that the plastic would leach into the food, and you don’t eat things like that, even though you can’t “afford” organic food, which means you’re going to die, and you would anyway. Sickly, neon.

All the world is a bachelorette party. Batman-themed bachelorette. And the whole party, everything in the party, is made out of things you could make a telephone out of. And everyone loves it, everyone’s having a great time. And those who couldn’t make it are just so bummed they couldn’t be there.